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Gentleman’s Essentials

FKA Twigs | Give Up

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Dascha Polanco

Look bruh she can have it every way til Sunday.

Clark and Evanston Ave (later renamed Broadway), north from Diversey, 1910, Chicago.

I don’t normally do Commentary for the stuff I post on here, but Wadjda is a pretty cool little film that I stumbled across pretty recently! It came out about two years ago and it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, which is a shame because it’s pretty remarkable - not only is it the first feature to be shot in Saudi Arabia (a country that bans movie theaters), it was also directed by a woman and features a predominately female cast. :) It’s available for free on youtube, so check it out if you have some spare time. 

This film is incredibly important.  I saw it when it came out.  It played at the theater I work at and highly recommend it.  Please watch it if you can.  You won’t regret it.  

Givenchy S/S 2015 at PFW

Backstage at Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2014 by Lea Colombo

i don’t understand cargo shorts.  like, are you stomping through the amazon and need to have a first aid kit, granola bars, swiss army knife, etc handy at a moments notice?  guarantee most guys just have lint, half a pack of gum and lack of self respect in those pockets, just saying. 


Cat on Roof
1950. By Crafty Dogma

Charlie Schuck
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